Monthly Archives: July 2007

Movable Type Sucks – WordPress Rocks

Finally I managed to update my weblog – yes, I know, these are the things everyone is really interested in…
Now as reported my Movable Type installation stopped working and updating it did not success, so I installed WordPress. Today I updated this installation to the latest version within minutes: a nice uptodate documentation on the various steps, some simple extract/copy commands and that’s it. So this is how I would expect it from every blog tool….

Excalibur SourceResolver Released

Without any news announcement, we were finally able to release an updated version of Excalibur SourceResolver. The new version 2.2.3 fixes a bug which made the 2.2.2 unusable. Compared to 2.2.1 it’s a minor bug fix release and everyone using an older version should update to this latest one.
My todo list still contains plans to make the sourceresolver work with plain url components, which would allow you to add your custom protocol and make it usable by just using “plain old java”: This would also make the integration into an OSGi environment easier…unfortunately it’s not that high on my current list…