Monthly Archives: March 2009

Portals Meetup at ApacheCon Europe

If you’re attending the ApacheCon Europe in Amsterdam in two weeks and if you’re interested in portals or portal related stuff (and I guess we all are interested into portals, right?), then you should join the portals meetup and add yourself here.
Even if you’re not into portals but are interested in visiting a zoo, there are a lot of hippo’s and dinosaurs (yes, really!) there. So it’s fun for everyone 🙂

Conference Season – ApacheCon Europe and JAX

In just two weeks the conference season for 2009 starts. This spring I’ll speak at the ApacheCon in Amsterdam about OSGi and some of the stuff we have at Apache for using OSGi within your own project.
Later, in April, it’s JAX time again – and again with a new location. My talk for the JAX is about the great Apache Sling project (JCR, REST, OSGi etc.). I’m happy to see that OSGi is one of the key topics for the conference with a lot of famous people there 🙂
Going to these conferences for several years now, I still think that the chance to meet people and talk with them is one of the greatest things – and especially these two conferences provide excellent opportunities. So don’t miss them! See you in Amsterdam and/or Mainz, Germany 🙂