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Cocoon 2.2 is Released

The next major version of Cocoon has been released – for now it’s only available as artifacts in the Maven repository – but this allows you already to directly start and use the latest and greatest of Cocoon.
There are many new and great things to check out and explore – so check out the website and the mailing lists. If you can’t find the right answers there don’t hesitate to bug us on the mailing lists!

Thanks to Apache Commons – Support for OSGi

I always wanted to blog about this: This is a big thank you to the Apache Commons team who directly picked up my innocent question if they could support OSGi in their upcomming releases and immediately added this to their projects. There are already some releases out, like commons-io and commons-lang, that you can directly deploy as a bundle.
This is great as this saves time and energy to all people using OSGi and commons projects – no wrapper bundles are needed anymore and you can directly use the released stuff.
So again, THANK YOU!

ApacheCon EU in Amsterdam

Next week I’ll be in Amsterdam for the ApacheCon EU 2008; there will be a lot of interesting stuff going on (as always at a ApacheCon). Apart from my JCR talk :), you should check out the hackathon where you can meet, talk and code with all the others, the Fast Feather track and the BOFs of course. These are great opportunities to get to know the Apache spirit 🙂 And of course there are plenty of good sessions and other activities!

Cocoon Portal and JCR

In the next days I’ll add JCR support to the Cocoon portal for Cocoon 2.2 – the content repository can then be used to store all profile and user information. Currently, although the mechanism is pluggable, the file system is used for the profiles.
With the optional JCR storage service, there will be a much better way of storing and handling profiles. Current the profiles are XML documents, so whenever a change is made to the profile, the whole document needs to be stored. With JCR it should be possible to just save the changed part of the profile tree.
So stay tuned…

Conference Season 2008

It seems that April 2008 will be a very busy month for me in terms of conference attending. First, there is the ApacheCon Europe in Amsterdam where I’ll talk about “JCR in Action” (again). This session will be totally different to the one in Atlanta. Promised 🙂
In late April I’ll attend the JAX 2008 in Wiesbaden. I’m happy to give two sessions there, the first one about the new (and by then final) portlet API 2.0 (JSR 286) and the second talk will be about the new and great Apache Sling framework.

Back in Paderborn

Unfortunately we had to fly back home on Sunday and we arrived on Monday morning around 08:00AM at the great airport in Paderborn. Now I think I could write for ages about wired security checks – I guess I’ll never understand how and when these should happen. There must be some hidden rule when passengers need to be checked between connecting flights. As I mentioned, this time there was no additional security check between our flight from Paderborn to Frankfurt and the flight from Frankfurt to Atlanta. And this was very convenient as we only had 30 minutes between the flights. So I thought that this is now common sense – and to be honest, if you went through the security check once what’s the point of going through it twice?
Anyway, on our flight back we went through three security checks – always the same procedure, always the same checks. First check was of course in Fort Myers. After we landed in Boston we had to leave the secure area and reenter in the internationl terminal. The third check was in Frankfurt directly after landing.
Now, one interesting detail is that the first thing they check is your passport and your flight ticket – this means that only people with a valid flight ticket can go through the security check and I guess they want to ensure that the person the ticket is for, is the one who is taking the plane. But during boarding noone checks this again…somehow strange.
Ok, I don’t want to bore you to death but believe me there were many more strange things involved in these checks…
So we are back again in some very nice weather here, it’s raining and storm – that’s nothing compared to the sunny weather in Florida…sigh

Leaving Orlando

After six great days at WDW we left Orlando yesterday and started the last part of our vacation: the gulf coast of Florida. Currently we’re at Tarpon Springs and explored Honeymoon Island today (that’s the name of the island, stupid!). Tomorrow we’ll drive south to Naples and then on wednesday north again towards Fort Myers (our flight back home departs on sunday).
The weather is really great, it’s a little bit too warm for me 🙂
Apparently I used the free wifi in our hotel to check my

Orlando, Florida

I guess the title will come with a lot of hits for my weblog 🙂
Anyway, in the afternoon my vacation starts and my wife and I will fly over to Orlando to enjoy the sun and the wonderful world of Disney. We’ll stay for two weeks at various places in Florida until we have to get back home 🙁

Portals Track at ApacheCon

This morning we had our nice little portals track here at ApacheCon – which was well received and attended by several people. First was Ate with a great presentation about the upcoming JSR 286 specification (portlet api 2.0) and then we had our portals panel. Together with Ate and David Sean Taylor we gave an overview about the portals project, standards and related stuff. Befor we started we were unsure if there is high interest and if people have questions at all. But in the end we were surprised in a positive sense that very soon a lifely discussion started and it continued through out the session. In the end we had to cut off discussions as we were pretty soon over time. So I think this was a big success and I’m a little bit unhappy that we didn’t propose the panel for Amsterdam.
The portals track was finished by a session from Ate and David about the Jetspeed enterprise portal solution. In fact the session gave me some ideas about how to merge the Cocoon portal with Jetspeed. I have to dig into the details first, but perhaps it’s possible. Especially as Jetspeed is planning to have a “lightweight” version sometime next year.

Apache iBatis and Apache Sanselan Session

Today was a much better day with respect to my presentations 🙂 Both, the Sanselan and the iBatis, session went from my point of view very well and I think I could get the point about these cool projects across. Unfortunately the attendance in the fast feather track is not that high, but fortunately there were several people in the iBatis talk.

Btw, you can find all session slides here.