Turn It On Again – Singing in the rain

Yesterday was the long anticipated day: the Genesis reunion concert in Hannover. The timing was perfect: it started to rain heavily exactly that moment the music began to play. Fortunately we were not affected by the rain as our seats were covered by the roof. In general, we had a good seating place this time, not too far away with a nice view of the stage.

So far so good. After some minutes I began wondering if my ears were defect or if it could be that the sound was very bad and Mike and Tony missing notes. It was obvious, that the heros on the stage were very pissed by the rain and especially Tony seemed to be in a very bad mood. A lot of problems occured during the show, Tony needed a new keyboard, Mike new guitars – they could not be heard during some tracks. The video show was not working properly during the beginning and so on. The sound got better though after half of the concert.

Now, most of it could be because of the rain – but I don’t think that this is a fair excuse. It’s an open air concert with the chance of rain, so everything should be prepared accordingly. Especially as there was a lot of rain during June and it was foreseeable that it will be raining during the Hannover show.

On the good side was the track listing. They managed to cover the whole Genesis era quiet well (although they left out “Calling all stations” of course). And the stage design was great as well. There are a lot of nice ideas with the lightning and the video walls etc. And even a fireworks at the end.

So, counting the pros and cons it was an average concert I think – two and a half hours of good entertainment, but definitly nothing more and not what most people had expected. And as they did not close the concert with “Turn it on again” but with “Carpet Crawlers”, its most likely that this is the last Genesis tour ever. And although I’m a really great Genesis fan, I think they should rather stop after this tour, before the concerts get worse.

Btw, I really hope that Peter will join the final concert of the tour in Rome in July….

And I’m looking for another concert of The Musical Box in November when they are *really* doing their final “Gabriel era tour”. For sure the show and the sound will be perfect that time 🙂