Cocoon GetTogether 2007 in Rome

On wednesday I’ll fly over to Rome to attend the next edition of the famous Cocoon GetTogether – with two days of Hackathon and one day of presentations this is a nice mix I’m really looking forward to. On Friday, it’s Bertrand and me, talking a little bit about the past (Avalon) and the future (OSGi) of web applications 🙂

It seems that I was too dumb to publish this entry weeks ago. 🙁
But as you’ve most likely seen from other blog entries the Cocoon GetTogether was a success and fun at the same time. Thanks to Daniel I could see the Spring OSGi stuff (Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi) in action and I must say that I think its a configuration nightmare. Apart from your usual Spring bean configurations you have to additionally define which beans to export and what to import etc. I think this can be easily automated – I hope to have some time to look into this in December.

And as everyone else, I’m looking forward to the Cocoon GetTogether 2008 🙂