Portals Track at ApacheCon

This morning we had our nice little portals track here at ApacheCon – which was well received and attended by several people. First was Ate with a great presentation about the upcoming JSR 286 specification (portlet api 2.0) and then we had our portals panel. Together with Ate and David Sean Taylor we gave an overview about the portals project, standards and related stuff. Befor we started we were unsure if there is high interest and if people have questions at all. But in the end we were surprised in a positive sense that very soon a lifely discussion started and it continued through out the session. In the end we had to cut off discussions as we were pretty soon over time. So I think this was a big success and I’m a little bit unhappy that we didn’t propose the panel for Amsterdam.
The portals track was finished by a session from Ate and David about the Jetspeed enterprise portal solution. In fact the session gave me some ideas about how to merge the Cocoon portal with Jetspeed. I have to dig into the details first, but perhaps it’s possible. Especially as Jetspeed is planning to have a “lightweight” version sometime next year.