Ray Wilson Live in Paderborn

Ok, this actually happend now nearly a month ago, but I never managed to blog in the past weeks (or was it months?) Ray played the last concert of his “Accoustic Genesis” tour in the world famous town of Paderborn (were I happen to live) – for those people not knowing Ray: he’s the singer of Skiltskin (with the famous song Inside) and used to be the front man of Genesis after Phil left.
Anyways, the concert was great. I’m not really a fan of accoustic music but Ray and his friend were really amazing. The played some Genesis/Gabriel/Collins/Others songs – sometimes in very interesting versions – and a lot of Ray’s songs (which were unknown to me but good as well). So it was a very pleasant evening with a very talented singer and guitar player. If you ever have the chance to see him live , just do it and buy him a Jaegermeister afterwards 🙂