Interesting Sessions in New Orleans

This is day one of the conference part of the ApacheCon US in New Orleans. As always it’s a very busy conference full of stuff to hear or talk about. Today is the Fast Feather Track which kicked of very well attended, although it’s not that easy to find (it’s next to napoleon A2 for all those still wandering around….) I really like this concept as it contains a wild collection of sometimes unrelated topics. It comes with the advantage of learning about stuff you might have never looked at by yourself.
Unfortunately the second part of the Fast Feather Track is not attended very well. And I’m wondering why this is the case 🙁 The talks are really interesting. And I’m pretty sure that the poor attendence is not correlated to the topics. I guess it’s more that people did not really realize that there is a FFT and perhaps they wanted to attend longer sessions.
The final talk for today about QPid will start at 17:30 – so don’t miss the last part of the FFT!
Finally a big thanks to all speakers of the FFT. I really hope you didn’t get too annoyed about the poor attendence. You did a great job!