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Value created by Developers

The following is a non serious article about using generative AI on top of silly ideas.

Recently I was reading a paper on the internet about developers creating value. At some point it hit me, that you can actually combine those two words “value” and “developer” into a single one: “devalueper”. As it is so obvious to do this, I searched the internet for them, but didn’t find anything. So I asked my new friend copilot about the definition of that term. And I was really surprised that copilot new about it and also came up with another term. While I thought about “devalueper” being something positive, a developer creating value, it seems it is quite the opposite. This is what copilot came up with:

Devaluepers is a term that combines the words “developers” and “devalue”. It is used to describe developers who produce low-quality code, cause bugs, or harm the value of a project. It is often used as an insult or a joke by other developers. Some examples of devaluepers are:

  • Developers who copy and paste code from the internet without understanding it or testing it.
  • Developers who write code that is hard to read, maintain, or debug.
  • Developers who ignore best practices, standards, or guidelines for coding.
  • Developers who introduce security vulnerabilities or performance issues in their code.
  • Developers who do not document their code or write tests for it.

Devaluepers are the opposite of valuepers, who are developers who create high-quality code, solve problems, and add value to a project. Valuepers are respected and appreciated by their peers and clients. Some examples of valuepers are:

  • Developers who write clean, elegant, and efficient code that follows the principles of software engineering.
  • Developers who use appropriate tools, frameworks, and libraries to enhance their productivity and functionality.
  • Developers who adhere to coding conventions, style guides, and best practices for their language and platform.
  • Developers who test their code thoroughly, fix bugs, and optimize performance.
  • Developers who document their code clearly, write unit tests, and use version control.

If you want to be a valueper and not a devalueper, you should:

  • Learn the fundamentals of programming and computer science.
  • Keep your skills and knowledge up to date with the latest trends and technologies.
  • Choose the right tools and languages for your project and use them effectively.
  • Write code that is easy to understand, modify, and reuse.
  • Follow the standards and guidelines for your code quality, security, and performance.
  • Test your code regularly, debug it carefully, and refactor it when necessary.
  • Document your code properly, write unit tests, and use version control.
  • Seek feedback, collaborate, and communicate with other developers.