Arrived in Atlanta for ApacheCon

Yesterday we arrived in Atlanta for the great ApacheCon US 2007. The flights went without major problems but I’m still wondering about the security checks. This time was no extra US security check at Frankfurt airport so we could enter the boarding area directly. The last times there used to be an extra check which did take some always some hours to get through. So this seems to be an improvement 🙂 But when leaving the airport in Atlanta you have to go through a security check again. I still don’t know what’s the purpose of this is. You already have been checked when entering the departure airport, so how could you have dangerous goods when leaving the arrival airport? Together with the nice immigration queuing it took us nearly 90mins to get out of the airport 🙁
Anyway, the hotel is very nice and I’, cirrently enjoying the hackathon 🙂
Starting tomorrow I’ll have a session each day (about JCR, iBatis and Apache Portals).