The Musical Box Live in Hamburg

On friday the 2nd of November we went for another convert of The Musical Box in Hamburg. The venue, the congress center, is really great and the organization was excellent as well. The concert room was rather small, sitting in the 16th row, we just sat some meters away from the stage and could see every detail of the musicians – which was very interesting to see. So it was nice and cosy 🙂
The Musical Box were performing the Genesis Selling England by the Pound Tour (The Black Show) and once more this was amazing. You can’t spot any real difference between this concert and the original ones! Unfortunately this seems to be the real last tour of them for this era of Genesis 🙁
Next year they will perform the Trick of the Tail tour – of course putting a Collins “clone” as the singer. I’m still not decided if I want to see this as for me the Gabriel era is much more interesting.